Grand Canyon River Rafting Guide

ight down to the sand in your shoes,
Stedman has overlooked nothing . . .


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p repare For Your Guided Multi-Day
Grand Canyon Whitewater River Adventure.

This Essential Comprehensive 220-Page Manual
Leads the Way to Help Prepare the Novice For
The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

  • Answers to Questions River Guides are Asked Over and Over
  • Types And Options of River Trips
  • Tips And Suggestions on Choosing Appropriate Clothing
    And Footwear
  • Ideas And Suggestions on Selecting the Correct Gear
    And Equipment
  • Information on River Life, Camping, And Hiking
  • Pointers on How to Organize And Pack to Retain Your Sanity
  • Women’s Concerns – And Questions Answered by Women
    Who Have Been There, Done That
  • Things Your Guides Would Like You to Know Before You
    Show Up. Once Launched, There is No Going Back to Gather
    What You Have Overlooked.
  • Helpful Resources and Recommended Reading to Keep You a
    Happy Camper