Splendor in the Glass

Creating Stained Glass Beyond the Ordinary

SPLENDOR IN THE GLASS, Creating Stained Glass Beyond the Ordinary, by Holly Stedman, certainly lives up to it's name! Not your ordinary, ho-hum, tired out, worn out, over done, been-there-done-that, future yard sale project book! This delightful, 120 page, fact filled book, with over 23 full-color, uniquely different projects and reproducible patterns (there's no conventional theme here) and over 45 design, color, and tech tips inspires exploration, experimentation, and nonconformity in your design process.

Holly Stedman has enjoyed stained glass crafting for over thirty years. While Holly creates her own designs, most of her friends involved in glass are married to pattern books, claiming they "aren't creative", don't know what they want, or just don't know where or how to begin. Splendor in the Glass helps those see the ordinary in extra-ordinary ways. While the projects presented may be reproduced, (scaled patterns are included) you are continually encouraged to detach from the printed pattern and improvise, modify and expand your thinking. Consider these projects as a starting point from which to create your own special masterpieces. It's refreshing to read the engaging, candid narrative included with each project. How, why, who, or what actually inspired each piece, and hurdles, or problems encountered during fabrication are shared in a fun, non-tecky, conversational tone.

Splendor in the Glass will be sure to stimulate and help develop your creative ability; takes out the dregs, and adds the fun in creating designs beyond the ordinary. Click here to order your copy today, or give as a gift to your creative arts friends.

Learn to see the ordinary in extra-ordinary ways!

Design and make stained glass like you have never before
- and love it!

The projects featured have been divided by foil or lead construction. But do keep in mind, most designs lend themselves very well to either method.

Information for each panel featured includes:
  • full color photographs
  • scaled patterns
  • size of the original project
  • how, why, who, or what inspired the design
  • general discussion about each piece
  • hurdles or special problems encountered during fabrication
  • specialized equipment or components required
  • technical or design tips
  • materials list - with the exception of the square footage of glass, since these patterns can be adjusted to just about any size to meet your own requirements. Specific glass used is also sometimes not listed, since you will probably choose glass to your own liking, or the specific glass used may not be available to you in your area, or not available anymore.

Spendor in the Glass



Grow forward, and reach, be confident, and continue to experiment - just keep at it, and above all

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